Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Date and Time Error

Every time when your computer is switched on, you get the error message "Incorrect Date and Time" press "DEL" to enter setup. Some computers will ask you to press "F2" to run setup. It depends on the type of motherboard you use. Since many motherboard manufacturers use different kinds of BIOS integrated to their motherboard. BIOS(Basic Input Output System) is the one which holds all the hardware information of your computer including date and time. It is better not to make any changes with the hardware settings unless you have very good knowledge about configuring BIOS. Chances are more that your computer may not boot if any wrong settings are done in BIOS.

To resolve "Date and Time" error:
  • Turn off your computer completely. Remove the CPU cabinet and replace the cell/battery (generally used for calculators) placed in the motherboard (also called as main board) with the new cell/battery. This battery helps the BIOS to save any changes made. If the battery life has come down or is dead, any changes made in the BIOS will not be saved.
  • After fixing the battery, turn on the computer and press "DEL" or "F2" depending on your computer and change the system date and time. Usually, all motherboards have date and time settings on the first screen on the BIOS. Keys used for changing the values are shown in the status bar of the BIOS screen. After making changes press "F10" or search for "SAVE AND EXIT" option in the menu to save the changes.

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