Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Desktop/Laptop does not detect SATA hard disk when installing windows operating system

Almost all recent desktop/laptop’s come with SATA hard disk. Specifically, in laptop’s before installing Windows operating system, you need to have SATA drivers which usually comes in CD provided by the manufacturer. Without SATA drivers it is difficult to install operating system. You can try following methods to install Windows operating system provided your hard disk is not dead.

(1)     First make sure you have SATA drivers for hard disk with you either in Pen Drive or in a CD/DVD. Start installing Windows operating system. Somewhere in-between during operating system installation it will ask you to install SATA drivers for your hard disk. Plug in Pen drive or remove the Windows operating system CD/DVD and put the CD/DVD which contains SATA drivers and provide the location/path for the SATA drivers. If you have inserted the CD/DVD with SATA drivers, after SATA drivers are taken, remove the CD/DVD with SATA drivers and put back the Windows operating system CD/DVD and continue. The Windows operating system will take the SATA drivers automatically and continue with the installation of operating system.

(2)    Open the BIOS settings. Usually you can open BIOS by pressing F2 or F10 or DEL. It depends on the BIOS manufacturers. Just check out which key has to be pressed to open BIOS settings. You can see this the moment you switch on the computer/laptop. Change the Hard Disk Configuration from SATA to IDE. If not just disable the SATA option. Now your hard disk will be detected and you can start installing Windows operating system.

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