Friday, June 10, 2011

Removing boot sector virus

Many computer users might have faced the message “ BOOT SECTOR VIRUS. PROCEED Y/N? “ during Windows installation thus not allowing to install the operating system or you to boot operating system if already installed. Some motherboard manufacturers have put boot sector virus protection in BIOS. Boot sector is the first sector which contains DOS boot sector or commonly known as MBR (Master Boot Record) of the hard disk drive or floppy. MBR contains information about your hard drive partitions details and from where the operating system has to boot.

If the boot sector virus protection is enabled in the BIOS, it won’t allow you to install operating system because during installation the operating system writes boot code on MBR of the hard disk drive. If you are trying to write anything on MBR, it will consider as virus. To solve this, you have to disable boot virus protection in BIOS

If you are seriously infected by boot sector virus even though you have disabled boot virus protection in BIOS, then scan your computer with good antivirus tool or use Avira Antivir Boot Sector Repair Tool to remove the boot virus. Usually boot sector virus will corrupt the MBR of the hard disk drive or floppy.

There is another way of removing boot virus. Select “R” to repair during Windows installation setup to go to DOS recovery console window. In the command prompt type “ FIXMBR ” to repair corrupted MBR.

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