Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cannot burn CD/DVD media using Nero burning software

Sometimes burning with Nero or any other burning software in WindowsXP will throw you an error without burning data to the CD/DVD media. This happens if there is hardware problem with with your CD/DVD Writer. If your CD/DVD Writer is perfect and still not able to burn the data then your WindowsXP built-in burning tool will not be allowing you to burn the data.

To resolve this issue:
Turn off your WindowsXP built-in burning tool by going to "ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS" in the "CONTROL PANEL" or go to "START" and click on "RUN" and type "CONTROL ADMINTOOLS" and press "ENTER". Double-click on "SERVICES" and look for "IMAPI CD-BURNING COM SERVICE" in the list. Now double-click on "IMAPI CD-BURNING COM SERVICE" to open "PROPERTIES" window and select "DISABLED" in "STARTUP TYPE" drop down list. By default "STARTUP TYPE" will be manual.

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