Monday, December 30, 2013

How to enter IP address manually in windows xp

First of all make sure that you have external PCI ethernet or network Card installed if you do not have on your mother/main board. Now most of the mother/main board manufacturers have on-board ethernet or network card mounted. Also make sure you have installed proper ethernet or network drivers.

To check whether ethernet or network drivers is/are installed or not, right click on MY COMPUTER and click on PROPERTIES. Now go to HARDWARE tab and click on DEVICE MANAGER. The shortest way to open DEVICE MANAGER through keyboard shortcut is, hold the WINDOWS key and press R to open RUN window. In the RUN window type “devmgmt.msc” and press ENTER key or click on OK to open DEVICE MANAGER

Below is the image which shows drivers properly installed.

Below is the image which shows drivers not properly installed. Hardware devices whose drivers are not installed will be indicated by a YELLOW QUESTION MARK.

After making sure that ethernet/network card in installed along with its proper driver, open CONTROL PANEL by holding WINDOWS keyand press R to open RUN window and type “control” and press ENTER key.

 Now double click on icon NETWORK CONNECTIONS to open network connections window.

Now right-click on LOCAL AREA CONNECTION and click on PROPERTIES to open local area connection properties.

Scroll down the list to find “Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)”. Doube click on “Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)” or select “Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)” and click on PROPERTIES to open INTERNET PROTOCOL (TCP/IP) PROPERTIES.

Now select the “Use the following IP address” and enter the IP address provided by internet service provider manually in "IP address" textbox. After you enter IP address press tab to move the cursor to “Subnet mask” textbox. Usually the numbers in subnet mask are assigned automatically once you enter IP address. After entering subnet mask press tab again to move to “Default gateway” textbox. Here you need to enter the default gateway address provided by your internet service provider. After all details are entered press OK button to close the INTERNET PROTOCOL(TCP/IP) PROPERTIES.

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