Sunday, May 22, 2011

Delete virus or trojan from System Volume Information in WindowsXP

System Volume Information is a hidden folder. It is a part of System Restore that stores details about system restoration set points. All the partitions or drives on your computer have this folder. Follow the simple steps to delete the virus or trojan infected files located inside System Volume Information folder manually if your existing antivirus did not do the job for you.

Right-click on "MY COMPUTER" and go to "PROPERTIES" to open "SYSTEM PROPERTIES" window or go to "START" and click on "RUN" or hold "WINDOWS" key and press "R" to open RUN window and type "sysdm.cpl" and press "ENTER" key. In the "SYSTEM PROPERTIES" window select "SYSTEM RESTORE" tab and select or check the "TURN OFF SYSTEM RESTORE ON ALL DRIVES" option. You will get the confirmation window to select "YES" or "NO". Click "YES" to remove files stored in System Volume Information folder thus making your system free from virus or trojan.

There is another way of removing virus/trojan from System Volume Information folder. Open "WINDOWS EXPLORER" by doing right-click on the "START" menu and selecting "EXPLORER" or hold the "WINDOWS" key and press "R" and type "EXPLORER" in the RUN window and press "ENTER" key. In the Windows Explorer go to "TOOLS" menu and select "FOLDER OPTIONS" to open Folder Options window. Click on "VIEW" tab. Now uncheck the "HIDE PROTECTED OPERATING SYSTEM FILES" option and make sure you have selected "SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS" under "HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS". Now you will be able to see "System Volume Information" folder in Windows Explorer..
Manually search for the infected file and delete it. If you are not able to delete the infected file, restart the computer and first delete the infected file before opening any application or program.

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