Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Windows shortcut keys

Go to “ START “ and click on “ RUN “ or hold “ WINDOWS “ Key and press “ R “ to open “ RUN “ window and type the shortcut command.

gpedit.msc = Opens Group Policy Window
certmgr.msc = Opens Certificate Manager Window
compmgmt.msc = Opens Computer management Window
devmgmt.msc = Opens Device Manager Window
lusrmgr.msc = Opens Local Users and Groups Window
dfrg.msc = Opens Defragment Window
diskmgmt.msc = Opens Disk Management Window
fsmgmt.msc = Opens Folder Sharing Management Window
eventvwr.msc = Opens Event Viewer Window
control = Opens Control Panel Window
wmimgmt.msc = Opens Windows Management Infrastructure Window
ntmsmgr.msc = Opens Removable Storage Window
perfmon.msc = Opens System Performance Manager Window
secpol.msc = Opens Local Security Policy Window
services.msc = Opens System Services Window
ciadv.msc = Opens Indexing Service Window
sndvol32 = Opens Volume Controller Window
regedit = Opens Registry Editor Window
taskmgr = Opens Windows Task Manager Window
winchat = Opens Windows chat Window
sndrec32 = Opens Windows sound recorder Window
msconfig = Opens system configuration utility Window
calc = Opens Windows calculator Utility
clipbrd = Opens Windows clipbook viewer Window
explorer = Opens Windows Explorer Window
iexplore = Opens Internet Explorer Application

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